Pultruded resin
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Pultruded resin

Pulling the resin has low viscosity, good infiltration, fast solidification, and good bending strength and impact strength. It is suitable for manufacturing profiles, rods, and other products.

Product List
CardChemicalViscosityGel timeMoldingApplication fieldCharacteristic description
WL-5002Phthalic500-7008-15Pull outTent pole, mosquito net poleUniversal
WL-5003Phthalic600-6504-6Pull outHigh -intensity rod and profileStrong rigidity, fast pulling
WL-5005Phthalic450-7506-9Pull outStretch profileStrong toughness
WL-5015Phthalic450-7502.5-4.5Pull outReal core rod, thick cross -seated profileHigh -mode volume, high intensity
WL-3303MBenzene320-5303.5-6Pull outHigh -intensity rod and profileHigh -intensity, corrosion resistance
WL-5017Pyrone400-55010-16Pull outHigh heat resistance, corrosion resistance partsHigh -intensity, weather resistance
WL-5023Pyrone600-100020-30Pull outCarbon fiber stretch extrusion productsHigh -intensity, high toughness
WL-5940Ethylene300-5509-13Pull outCable and high -intensity productsHigh intensity, corrosion resistance and infiltration
WL-5940FFlame -retardant ethylene300-5508-12Pull outFlame retardant and crowded productsHigh flame -retardant, corrosion resistance

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