Vacuum introduction
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Vacuum introduction

Vacuum import of resin has low viscosity, good bosom infiltration; low contraction, high toughness, and high strength. The main forming process is vacuum import, which is widely used in the fields of boats, wind turbine, automotive components, cooling tower and other fields.

Product List
CardChemicalViscosityGel timeMoldingApplication fieldCharacteristic description
WL-4002Dual -ring modification140-18018-23Vacuum import/RTMTankLow contraction, fast solidification
WL-4005Phthalic180-24020-30injectionBoat, cabin, large glass reinforcement partsLow volatile, low shrinkage
WL-4850Phthalic150-20060-80Vacuum import/RTMBoat, wind motor cabin coverLow temperature peak, shrinkage
WL-4986Pyrone150-25040-60Vacuum import/RTMBoat, wind motor cabin coverHigh -intensity, low temperature peak, low contraction
WL-4505FFlame -retardant200-25020-25Vacuum import/RTMRailGood infiltration, excellent flame retardant
WL-6906Pyrone160-22010-16injectionDouble wallHigh strength and good toughness

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