Bleach wrapped
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Bleach wrapped

Hand paste forming process resin has good infiltration of glass fiber, high toughness, good heat resistance, corrosion resistance, applicable to wound (sand) or centrifugal pouring molding process, dedicated to making water drainage, oil transmission, chemical pipelines, or large -scale large -scale Storage tanks and other products.

Product List
CardChemicalViscosityGel timeMoldingApplication fieldCharacteristic description
WL-1901Dual -ring modification300-4504-8Blooming, entangledHand -paste glass reinforcement component, winding pipe, storage tankLow volatile, low shrinkage
WL-1911Phthalic350-5504-7Blooming, entangledFRP componentLight color, high strength
WL-1915Dual -ring modification350-5507-10Blooming, entangledCooling tower, car partsFast solidification, high activity
WL-199Pyrone400-60012-18Blooming, entangledTemperature -resistant glass fiber reinforcement pipeline and componentsHigh temperature resistance, high intensity
WL-197Bisphenol A epoxy400-55010-18Blooming, entangledAnticorrosive pipe, potHigh temperature resistance, corrosion resistance
WL-3303MBenzene320-5303.5-6Blooming, entangledTemperature -resistant glass fiber reinforcement pipeline and componentsHigh temperature resistance, corrosion resistance
WL-3301Bisphenol A400-5507-15Blooming, entangledAcid storage and transportation pipelineHigh corrosion
WL-9001Epoxy modified ethyl group300-5008-12Blooming, entangledAnticorrosive pipelineHigh corrosion resistance
WL-9007Phenolin modified ethylene group200-4008-15Blooming, entangledPipeline, flue entranceHigh temperature resistance, corrosion resistance
WL-2102FFlame retardant300-45014-26Blooming, entangledRailHandalogless, meet ROHS2.0, Reach standards
WL-2131FBenzene flame retardant300-50012-22Hand paste, winding, pullingFlame retardant and crowded productsLow flame -retardant, high intensity
WL-1930Tactile180-24020-30Hand paste, sprayAuto parts, fishing boatsAnti -flow hanging, low viscosity, low contraction

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