Lighting tile resin
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Lighting tile resin

Polyester ripples/flat resin have low viscosity and medium reaction activity, good infiltration, good matching, good transparency, toughness, brightness, and excellent aging performance after curing. Glass tiles and transparent products.

List of polyester ripples/tablet resin products
CardChemicalViscosityGel timeMoldingApplication fieldCharacteristic description
WL-2003/2005/2008modified120-2004-7Mechanism/Robe plate/lighting tile/tabletHigh reaction activity, glass fiber infiltration is better
WL-2030Phthalic120-2004-7Mechanism/Robe plate/lighting tile/tabletHigh transparency
WL-2041Phthalic150-2506-9Mechanism/Robe plate/lighting tile/tabletHigh transparency, high intensity
WL-2031Phthalic120-2005-6Mechanism/Robe plate/lighting tile/tabletHigh transparency, high intensity
WL-2120Pyrone150-2506-9Mechanism/Robe plate/lighting tile/tabletCorrosion resistance, high weathering
WL-2912Flame -retardant ethylene200-30012-18Mechanism/Robe plate/lighting tile/tabletHigh corrosion resistance, high intensity
WL-2011FReactive flame retardant150-3008-14Mechanism/Robe plate/lighting tile/tabletLevel first flame retardant, high transparency
WL-2012FReactive flame retardant200-3507-10Mechanism/Robe plate/lighting tile/tabletTwo -level flame retardant, high transparency
WL-2090modified300-4504-8mechanismMechanical compartment boardReaction activity in the middle, the glass fiber infiltration is good, the expansion is good
WL-2091Phthalic350-4509-16mechanismMechanical compartment boardHigh reaction activity, the glass fiber is infiltrated, high toughness, and wide applicability
WL-2954Phthalic350-5007-10HandyHand paste,Reaction activity, shallow color, good surface dryness

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