Anticorrosive resin
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Anticorrosive resin

As early as the 1950s, anticorrosive glass reinforcement had been applied to various anti -corrosion equipment in the field of dry chemical industry. Its excellent anticorrosive performance was recognized, and its application value was gradually brought to other industrial fields. From chemical production, water treatment, environmental protection control to mineral metallurgical, Wanglin New Materials, unsaturated resin and vinyl ester resin have been widely used in various fields.

For anti -corrosion engineering, due to its diversity and complexity, professional resin suppliers are required to provide reliable solutions for them. Regardless of the storage tank, pipeline or flange, or other parts, the well -performed anti -corrosion resin product line of Wanglin's new material provides matching resin options for most anticorrosive applications to meet its process requirements and anticorrosive requirements.

List of anticorrosive resin products

CardChemicalViscosityGel timeMoldingApplication fieldCharacteristic description
WL-3301Bisphenol A400-5507-15Blooming, entangledTank, pipelineMedium -resistant corrosion
WL-3301BPyrone400-55010-18Blooming, entangledTank, pipelineResistance to weak acid corrosion
WL-197Bisphenol A epoxy550-90014-26Blooming, entangledAnticorrosive pipe, electrolytic slotThe heat deformation temperature of chemical resistance, significant alkali resistance, significant and higher alkali resistance
WL-199Pyrone400-60012-18Blooming, entangledHigh heat -resistant partHigh temperature resistance
WL-9001Bisphenol A ethyl group300-5008-12Hand paste, winding, pullingAnticorrosive pipeline, corrosion resistance componentsHigh corrosion resistance, pH
WL-9004Bisphenol A ethyl group300-5008-12Hand paste, winding, pullingAnticorrosive pipe, potHigh corrosion resistance, acid and alkali, low contraction
WL-9007Phenolin ethyl group200-4008-15Blooming, entangledHigh heat resistance, corrosion resistance partsHigh temperature resistance, corrosion resistance
WL-9009Bromide flame retardant ethylene group100-2509-16Blooming, entangledDust dust removal, flame retardant corrosion resistance pipelineExcellent flame retardant and chemical resistance

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