Low contraction additive
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Low contraction additive

Low contraction additive
CardChemicalViscosityGel timeMoldingApplication fieldCharacteristic description
WL-3801Ordinary PS9000-15000Mold, pullingSMC/BMCPlasticity, coloring
WL-3803Ordinary PS4000-6500Mold, pullingSMC/BMCPlasticity, coloring
WL-3814High resistance PS3500-5500Mold, pullingSMC/BMCHigh impact, coloring
WL-3892Saturated polyester150-230Mold, pullingSMC/BMCHigh gloss, low viscosity, not coloring
Mold, pullingSMC/BMCLow outline, high light, not colorful
WL-3870PMMA2500-3200Mold, pullingSMC/BMCHigh gloss, weather resistance, water resistance

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