FRP resin: The origin and principle of FRP resin
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FRP resin: The origin and principle of FRP resin

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Today, the FRP resin manufacturer will introduce to you the origin and principle of FRP resin. Let’s take a look!

The concept of composite materials means that one material cannot meet the requirements of use, and two or more materials need to be combined to form another material to meet people's requirements, that is, composite materials.

For example, although a single type of glass fiber is very strong, the fibers are loose and can only withstand tensile force, but cannot withstand bending, shearing and compressive stress. It is not easy to form a fixed geometric shape and is soft.If they are bonded with synthetic resin, they can be made into various fixed-shaped rigid products that can withstand tensile, bending, compression and shear stress, such as fiberglass resin.

Glass fiber reinforced plastic resin makes up the glass fiber reinforced plastic matrix composite material.Because its strength is equal to steel, but it also contains glass components, and also has glass-like color, shape, corrosion resistance, electrical insulation, heat insulation and other properties, such as glass, this substance formed historically is commonly known as 'glass fiber reinforced plastics' '.

The meaning of FRP resin refers to glass fiber reinforced materials. Synthetic resin is used as a binder for reinforced plastics and is called glass fiber reinforced plastics abroad.With the development of my country's FRP industry, as a plastic-based reinforced material, it has expanded from glass fiber to carbon fiber, boron fiber, aramid fiber, alumina fiber and silicon carbide fiber. These new fiber-reinforced plastics are Some high-performance fiber-reinforced composite materials cannot be summarized using the popular term fiberglass.In view of the historical origin and development of fiberglass composite materials commonly used, such names are more comprehensive.

The above is the origin and principle of FRP resin introduced to you by the FRP resin manufacturer. I hope it will be helpful to you!


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