​Technology Empowers Enterprises, Innovation Leads the Future
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​Technology Empowers Enterprises, Innovation Leads the Future

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Technology Empowers Enterprises, Innovation Leads the Future

Since its establishment, Wanglin New Material R&D Department has been adhering to the two-wheel drive concept of "technology + management", taking technological innovation as the edge, constantly innovating and breaking through, and has embarked on a road of technological innovation that is consistent with its own production process.

 Improve he laboratory & Provide Technical Support

Since January 2022, laboratories in Hubei have been put into use one after another, providing a strong guarantee for raw material verification and product development.

R & D laboratory

It is used for synthesis research and development, formula design, raw material verification, etc., and can perform basic liquid index testing.


Application Lab

Used for application performance testing, such as: oil absorption value, thickening, wettability, medium and high temperature curing, molding and pressing, etc.


Performance Testing Room

Carry out tests of physical properties, oxygen index, shrinkage, molecular weight, flame retardancy, etc.


Sample Preparation & Oven Room

Used for pattern making, spline cutting, post-curing, etc.


Obtained 32 Patents to Ensure Core Technology

Scientific and technological innovation is the primary productive force. Wanglin New Materials has never stopped its pursuit of innovation. It always regards scientific and technological innovation as its core competitiveness, and attaches great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights of scientific and technological investment and innovative achievements. In 2022, the Technology Research and Development Department combined with the actual situation of the enterprise and achieved a number of technological innovation achievements, including 7 invention patents and 25 utility model patents, which will add more impetus to the company's technological innovation work.



Utility model patents

The acquisition of the above patent rights is a great affirmation of the company's research and development achievements. It has accumulated momentum for the company's future development, further improved the technological content of the company's products, enhanced the stability of the products, and improved the company's core competitiveness. , providing an effective guarantee for protecting the company's core products and core technologies.     

In the next step, the Technology Research and Development Department aims to meet customer needs and provide customers with high-quality services, thoroughly implement various strategic deployments of Wanglin New Materials on technological innovation, actively carry out innovative research and development activities according to the actual project, and use technology to solve practical problems of the project. Help production and manufacturing with the transformation of achievements, and promote the company's high-quality development.

Hubei Wanglin New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a new company specializing in the production of unsaturated polyester resins in Hongwanglin New Material Technology Co., Ltd., the company's registered capital of one hundred million yuan, main technological relying on Shandong Wanglin New Material Technology Technology Ltd. and its subordinate production bases.

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