Open up overseas markets and run out of high-quality development of trade 'acceleration'
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Open up overseas markets and run out of high-quality development of trade 'acceleration'

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Wanglin new materials 2023-02-20 10:39 Published onShandong

Expansion 'go out', customers 'bring in'

With the rapid development of the company and the continuous innovation of R&D technology, Wanglin products have been exported to Vietnam, Brazil, Serbia, Maldives and other countries, winning unanimous recognition of Wanglin products from foreign customers.While continuously expanding the international market, it also attracted foreign customers to visit and inspect. After the adjustment of the epidemic policy, foreign customers also came to Wanglin Company as soon as possible.


On the morning of February 16, a group of foreign customers from the Middle East came to the Zibo headquarters of Wanglin New Materials to conduct on-site research and discuss cooperation. Company leader Mr. Li and the Ministry of Foreign Trade warmly received the foreign customers.


At the meeting, the person in charge of the Foreign Trade Department introduced the basic situation of our company in detail through a promotional video.


The two parties fully exchanged views on issues such as product performance, quality, price and dosage. Both parties agreed to continue to maintain close communication on product-related cooperation issues. At the same time, they also looked forward to deeper and broader cooperation in the future, and hoped to cooperate in future cooperation projects. Achieve win-win and common development.


After the meeting, foreign customers visited the R&D laboratory.

In order to develop the basic foreign trade base and create trade export conditions, our company has provided strong service guarantees for product exports in terms of policies, funds, personnel, etc., and has stepped up the research and development of new products based on the new needs of foreign customers, striving to launch them into the international market as soon as possible and win the Overseas orders bring Wanglin's products out and bring in overseas customers to jointly promote Wanglin New Materials' steady and long-term development of high-quality trade.

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