FRP resin: What are the precautions for producing FRP resin?
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FRP resin: What are the precautions for producing FRP resin?

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What are the precautions for producing fiberglass resin? Do you know? Today, let’s take a look!

The spraying quality of FRP resin gelcoat directly affects the appearance quality, weather resistance, water resistance, and chemical media corrosion resistance of the product, so the coating of the gelcoat must be strictly controlled.Things to note are as follows:

1. When configuring FRP resin gel coat, mix it thoroughly, especially when using different pigment pastes. If the mixing and distribution are uneven, some spots and streaks will appear on the surface of the product, which will not only affect the appearance of the product but also reduce its physical properties; add Stir the curing agent evenly to avoid surface wrinkles, cracks and other defects caused by uneven curing.

2. You can use a brush or a special spray gun to spray glue.If the viscosity of the gel coat is too high, an appropriate amount of styrene can be added to adjust the viscosity and make up for the styrene lost during operation, but the amount of styrene added must be controlled according to process requirements.

3. The thickness of the FRP resin gel coat layer is controlled between 0.3~0.5mm and should not be too thick or too thin. Generally, the amount of gel coat per unit area is controlled, that is, the thickness of the gel coat is 350~500g/m2.

4. The gel coat should be sprayed evenly and try to avoid local accumulation of gel coat.

5. Control the curing degree of the gel coat layer and accurately determine the pasting time of the reinforcing layer.

The above are the precautions for producing FRP resin introduced to you. I hope it will be helpful to you!

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