FRP resin: What are the engineering applications of FRP resin?
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FRP resin: What are the engineering applications of FRP resin?

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In the field of composite materials, FRP is widely used because of its light weight, high strength, good corrosion resistance, good electrical properties, good thermal properties, and good processability.In FRP engineering, what we want to share today is a widely used product - FRP resin. Let’s take a look!

FRP resin is a type of modified epoxy resin that can be obtained by reacting bisphenol or phenolic epoxy resin with methacrylic acid. It is usually called vinyl ester resin (VE), also known as epoxy acrylic resin. It is thermosetting resin.Vinyl ester resin can inherit the excellent cultural characteristics of epoxy resin, and has more distinctive development in curability and moldability. It can be dissolved in styrene technology and use acrylic monomers. Because the company has the advantages of both epoxy and unsaturation , its applied research fields are being continuously improved and expanded in China.

Engineering applications of fiberglass resin:

FRP resin products have been widely studied and applied in FRP lining projects. In modern FRP lining construction, the main applications are as follows:

1. Iron trough FRP lining project

The fiberglass resin used in the putty structure formula can be beneficial to the quality maintenance of subsequent painting projects.At the same time, the professional selection of vinyl ester can participate in the entire construction process of primer coating, putty filling, lamination and surface cushion coating, and topcoat coating.

2. General sewage water tank room temperature anti-corrosion lining project

Fiberglass resin can prevent corrosion and leakage pollution of the tank due to pH and alkalinity, and extend the service life of the tank.

3. Concrete FRP anti-corrosion project

For the waterproof protection of tank linings, special properties such as chemical resistance and mechanical properties of vinyl groups are used to establish good bonding strength and high elongation at break between the primer resin and concrete.

4. Vinyl scale construction

It has excellent chemical resistance and mechanical properties, and provides refined construction guidance with standard scale lining construction procedures; the final inspection of the project can achieve no whitening layer, no delamination on the FRP surface, and standardized quality.

The above is the relevant content introduced to you about the engineering applications of fiberglass resin. I hope it will be helpful to you!

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