FRP resin: Vinyl resin FRP simple construction process
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FRP resin: Vinyl resin FRP simple construction process

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The quality of the epoxy vinyl FRP resin base material construction directly affects the bonding force between the FRP structural layer and the steel matrix.If the primer construction is sloppy, it will easily affect the coating's bonding force, cause bubbles, and may even cause the entire layer of FRP to peel off.

For base repair, on the basis of laying a good foundation, repair and fill the unevenly dented vinyl fiberglass resin (resin plus an appropriate amount of quartz powder). Use glue to enter the arc transition at the corners. If the dent is too deep, repair and fill it multiple times to provide a better solution. Prevent it from flowing, wait until it solidifies, and then flatten it with sandpaper to keep the glue surface flat.Resin glue (resin strengthener mixed with a ratio of 100/4 and then added: quartz powder - 100 250) is applied thinly to prevent hanging, 3-5 kg ​​of each component.

Apply glass cloth.After the vinyl fiberglass resin mortar repair is completely cured and dried for 24 hours, apply a layer of resin, wet the 0.18mm glass cloth, and stick it on the first layer.Apply a layer of resin when attaching.The second and third layers are lined in the same way.After curing for 24 hours, finish with resin putty and smooth the surface.After curing for 24 hours, apply a resin topcoat.After the first layer has cured, apply the second layer of resin.After curing, the second topcoat should be inspected and confirmed to be defect-free and delivered after passing the inspection.

The above construction method is called 'gap method construction'.Although this method has a long construction period, difficult construction, and high cost, its bonding strength and compressive strength are significantly better than continuous FRP resin (one-time molding and continuous pasting of glass cloth layers) construction.

The above is the simple construction process of vinyl fiberglass resin introduced to you. I hope it will be helpful to you!


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